What To Do If You Hear Running Water In Your Walls

It can be troubling when you hear water running inside the walls of your home. It can be a plumbing symptom that needs to be looked at asap, so you need to absolutely get on top of it as soon as possible!

Calling a professional is important but they may ask you to do some investigating first to get to the point of what the problem actually is.

Can you be sure it’s water?

Some homes can create a variety of noises especially if they are old homes. There can be vibrations from different sources that may imitate the sound of running water within the wall. A gurgling hot water tank can vibrate that will travel through the pipes or even a running furnace can sound similar to water running. Investing in a larger water tank, say something around the 10000 litre water tank mark will help your water run smoothly and avoid overheating.

leak, tap, sink

If you are having trouble finding the source of the sound you can do a check on you water meter. Write down the exact reading but ensure no one is using any water at the time. Wait a few hours without using any water then check the reading again. If it has changed from the figure that you wrote down, then it can indicate that you have a leak somewhere. If the number hasn’t changed then the sound you are hearing isn’t water.

Ensure everything is off

Before you carry out your searching, if you found the water meter was still running while you weren’t using water. Ensure there are no leaking taps or things like the dishwasher or washing machine are not running. Check that the children didn’t leave the hose running and once you have ensured everything is genuinely off and you can still hear water running you will need to investigate more.

Check the toilet

If your toilet is leaky then it will keep water flowing through the pipes and it isn’t always obvious. You can remove the tank life to check if there is any water movement. If the flapper doesn’t close over the intake pipe properly then water will continue to trickle into the tank. It will then drain out the overflow area. This is easy to fix and can be done by easily adjusting the chain that is connected to the flapper or gently bending the arm to make the flapper hit the pipe firmer.

You may still have a leak if you have checked everywhere and find no leaks in the obvious places you need to look further. Check under all your sinks, your washing machine line, dishwasher line and exposed pipes if you have a basement and even your tank after undergoing water tank installation, there is nowhere that is untouchable.. If the area is dark use a flashlight as it will reflect the light when there are puddles of water.

If you have checked these steps and still hear water running but unsure where it is coming from and your meter is saying there is water being used when you are not using any, call a plumber. The plumber will come out and find the problem and talk over with you the best plan of action to resolve the problem. Plumbers have special tools and equipment that can get into pipes and see through walls, so your home won’t end up to damaged. You can get a quote first to find out how much the problem will be to fix before the job is carried out. Overall you will save in the long run as the running water will be costly you a lot over time, not to mention damaging your home. Most plumbing problems are fairly easy to fix and should get rid of that running water noise from your head for good.

So, there you have it. A guide to help you when hearing running water in your home. Be patient, breathe and don’t stress! There is always a fix.