Very exciting home office refurbishments

home office ideasIf you are working from home, then you know how important it is to have a proper separate working office space. We all want the best working space that suits your needs, and we are always trying to find ways to bring creativity and inspiration into our working environment. No one wants to be working within an area that is cluttered, dull and doesn’t give you and motivation to work.

Bringing interior design into your home office can allow for an elegant atmosphere to work within that is also functional at the same time. A great option for small offices is built-in custom shelves or cupboards. Shelves can be placed on small or large walls and offer more storage place for folders and files.You can make so many spaces in your home to be a home office. You can work with making a whole room dedicated to your office, or if you have a small area, you can squeeze a study nook in pretty much anywhere. If you are putting a study nook in another room, you can build an extra wall to shut it off and separate it from the other room. This will allow for some privacy for the study area as well.

If you live in an apartment, there isn’t much room for study offices. You basically have to use the space you have but that works well as there are some beautiful interior designs for even the smallest of spaces.

If you have a loft bed, you can place a small office desk underneath and some shelving to give you some storage room.  If you are working with a large area inbuilt bookcase are the way to go. These offer plenty of storage for files, folders, as well as some room for plants or photos to personalise your space.

home office ideaHaving an organised work area is the way to keeping a good working environment and reduce the stress of looking for files when they are all in the one place organised and filed. Using your living room as a space for your study nook can work if you carefully chose the design of the desk and décor within the study nook to match the rest of the living room.

You will need good lighting in your work area as well as some allowed room for gadgets like mobile phones, printers, iPad, calendars etc. Colours within a work area need to be balanced and match in with furniture if you are putting the nook in an existing room. If you have a spare room dedicated to your home office, then the possibilities are endless. Natural light is a winner working well with balanced cream coloured furniture and décor that gives a relaxing and calm feeling; plants work well for this.

If you like glamour then add a sparkly pillow to the chair. This won’t overpower the room but will add a small touch of elegance to the space. If you are dealing with plenty of room, a nice sitting area in the opposite corner to the desk works well such as an ottoman and some magazines or small armchairs with a side table. Be sure to work the theme, the colours and patterns in with the room to keep it free-flowing. Saving time and stress is well worth the investment for some filing cabinets, coloured organisers or some baskets to keep important files inside. It can help to use plenty of labels, so you can easily find things when you are in a hurry.

Creative people cannot stand working within clutter and unorganised home office items. It isn’t hard to de-clutter often it is simply a matter of just organising files and putting them in particular categories.