I wanted write this blog

Michael Patt

A Word Form Michael Patt

I wanted write this blog to offer thoughts and ideas on all things to do with your home. All things from buying a new home and how to pay for it, to renovating the home you already have, and of course everything else in between.

However, I thought it would be fun to include homes from around the world that are interesting and sometimes quirky. There is so much more to renovating a home than just painting four walls in a room and changing tiles in a bathroom. You can change the interior ‘shape’ of your house from just straight lines to many interesting geometrical shapes. The days of a box room are gone. the days of making a bedroom so small that you can hardly fit a bed in it are gone too. Leave that limited thinking to people who are buying an investment home to slap some tenants in without regard to their comfort or practical needs. Think outside the box!

I hope this space gives you some inspiration to design and create something unique in your street or even neighbourhood.

If I can help you with anything, please ask.