How a New Garden Can Sell Your Home

When you prepare your home for sale, there is so much to focus on doing before your home can actually be sold to new owners. A new coat of paint throughout, renovating the old outdated bathroom, adding new light fixtures, hiring a professional cleaner, doing a few repairs here and there. When selling your home people tend to focus on making the inside of your home irresistible, neat and tidy with a fresh feeling. What about the outside? We are inclined to forget about making the outside look neat, tidy and fresh as well. Potential buyers first impressions can happen when they walk through the garden to the front door or walk from the inside to the outside backyard. You don’t have to break the bank or your back by tidying up your garden, and thankfully it isn’t as hard as you may think. A few simple things done here and there can really help to boost the view of a garden which inevitably will help boost the public’s impressions of your house. Don’t underestimate the value of a clean looking garden.

Follow these few tips to revitalise your garden before selling:


You need to start with a canvas. Clear away all the cobwebs that can be seen in corners and around the gutters, blast away moss from roofs and pathways, mow the lawns and pull out any weeds. Ensure the borders of your garden are neat and tidy and the lawn edging gets done. This includes any extra equipment in your backyard, near your garden or in the front yard. Equipment such as plastic water tanks, hose reels or garden placed taps.


Try to picture your garden from the buyer’s perspective. Walk into your yard and take in the overall effect and themes displayed. Check out the garden and see what you focus on mostly, what catches your eye and whether that area looks neat or untidy. The parts of the garden that stand out are the ones that you will need to focus on to make sure they are looking their best. One detail that always gets looked over is what the garden looks like from inside. Make the views from rooms like the kitchen and lounge or sunroom very relaxing and fresh. This is important if the house has a lot of natural light as a backyard can really flourish in this light. Make it well aware early if you need to contact any specialists in regards to maintenance of your backyard, whether you need to speak to a landscaper on digging up dead patches in your garden or a blocked drain specialist to help address any obstructions within your pipes or drainage systems of the backyard.


When you are preparing to do the garden and are wanting to plant some plants, it is important to plant in the right season. You don’t want to be planting plants that have lost their growth and just appear as a bunch of sticks; this is not appealing to potential buyers. Planting plants that stay lush and green all year round will ensure your garden is clean and green for whenever you are ready to sell your home. If you want flowers that are going to continue to quickly grow and easy to look after are those such as marigolds, alyssums, nasturtiums and sunflowers. If you have a spare, boring looking spot in your garden that gets a lot of sun, consider a herb garden they don’t require much effort unlike a vegetable garden but is appealing to those who are green thumbs and those who are not. Another thing to consider when discussing your plants is the water used to maintain them. It is recommended that a homeowner invests in rainwater for a garden. Luckily enough rainwater tank prices are not as expensive as other options and really offer value for money, especially when you are renovating a home for sale.


Before we sell a home, we stage the home correct? So, doesn’t it make sense to stage the garden as well? This is just as important as the inside. You can stage the garden by renting outdoor furnishings, patios with colour centrepieces that match the colours of flowers. You are aiming to make the potential buyers feel at home. People like to see furnishings to get a feel for the home and imagine themselves living there. Your garden can help sell your home if it is neat, tidy and fresh. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or install fancy water features and other décor items but merely plant some fresh green plants tidy up lawns and garden beds and stage a few pieces of furniture to compliment a homely garden feel. You may also want to consider contacting a blocked drain plumber for a regular check of the drainage in your backyard, the last thing you want is last minute expenses altering a sale being made.

Selling a home is often considered a quite strenuous and unsettling activity to undertake. It doesn’t always have to be thought of this way. Landscaping a garden, picking a theme, planting some flowers and clearing a backyard can be a widely enjoyable experience for both a couple looking for a bonding project or a person looking to make their way into the real estate market.