Hotel Room Design Trends 2019

Nowadays hotel guests have greater expectations than ever before. They love exotic textures and personalised adventures, even if it’s only an overnight stay. With more attention on guest expertise than previously, here are  intriguing innovative trends I predict will be be emerging in 2019 and beyond.

Much more lively experiences

Hotels will have to concentrate on creating memorable experiences for their guests instead of just offering services and amenities. They’ll learn to become more creative in aligning their adventures to guest tastes, driving their inspiration from boutique storytelling hotels. Guests may expect personalised greetings and rooms arranged for their tastes, in addition to unique products curated from the resort. The boutique strategy to the resort layout helps create genuinely genuine and attractive adventures that contemporary guests, notably millennials, anticipate nowadays.

Eclectic Design

Gone are the times where each room in the resort seemed precisely the same, plastered with the same neutral colours. Hotels are currently styling their rooms in a more natural, hospitable manner combining diverse components, contrasting colours, and vibrant combinations. In reality, resorts are enjoying a renaissance of colour.  Visitors will discover more neighbourhood handmade decoration, unexpected texture mixes, as well as classic fabrics — something which regular travellers will love.


Among the most intriguing hotel design styles to see is the move to deliver the outside experience to resort lobbies and corridors. In 2019 resorts will be showcasing more outdoor features indoors; all-season terraces, rocky outdoor-style furnishings, magnificent plants and scenic waterfront accommodation views. This tendency in resort layout will enable guests to enjoy nature while remaining indoors, creating an entirely unique and unforgettable experience.

Multi-Use Space

Meeting spaces will become more flexible, adapting to a variety of kinds of purposes, from family parties to big conventions. There will be use of smart roll-up doors, walls, and electricity outlets built to the floorings. Hotels will be supplying more collaborative workspaces which are going to be accessible both for visitors and guests.


In 2019, resorts are focused on environmentally sustainable practices, from utilising natural and recycled/recyclable construction substances, to solar panels and linen recycling. We’ll see more efforts to quantify and decrease carbon dioxide footprints and LED lightening in an attempt to decrease energy consumption. Speaking of style, this tendency calls resorts to integrate more live greenery and natural lighting in their layouts.

Lobby Lift

Hotels are changing the reception area into a living area — a frequent place with a great deal of comfy enclosures where guests are going to have the ability to find solitude without feeling lonely. Lobbies will become eco-friendlier, also, with big potted plants used to divide the area into more intimate places. The lobby/reception of 2019 will be a central clubhouse in which people are able to explore several pursuits. This significant hotel layout trend has caused hotel chains to completely upgrade their lobbies to unique, personalised surroundings.


Hotels will need to find creative ways to satisfy the high expectations of contemporary travellers, particularly millennials who now comprise of the vast majority of regular travellers and like to remain on budget. Keeping up with all the changes in customer preferences and the increase of technology will bring inspiration for much-needed innovation from the resort layout.