Deciding on a New Feature Wall

A feature wall may bring depth to a little kitchen, help brighten up a dark area or add a dash of fun to flaunt your character — or lead to a combination of those three.

A feature wall will also bring great retail leasing property value, with a beautiful kitchen you bring that property valuation right up there getting the best value for your buck. It may really help your case in the housing and property industry.

From a couple of hours using a paintbrush into incorporating trendy storage, then there are lots of ways that in which you can make a feature wall which best suits the design of your kitchen along with your layout strategy.

Which wall do I choose?

A feature wall may do lots of things for your kitchen from assisting in specifying functional areas to incorporating an aesthetic flair. The wall you opt for will be dependent on the design of your kitchen and what impact you wish to attain.

Typically, by merely looking around your kitchen you will have the ability to tell which wall will probably function best as a feature wall. But if you still can not decide, think about the following:

In the case you’ve got a galley kitchen, then turning any wall into a characteristic wall can help emphasize the thickness of the space.

In the case you’ve got a dining room in your kitchen, then think about developing a feature wall to assist in segmenting off your dining table and chairs by employing colour obstructing on the adjoining wall.

If you’ve got an open plan kitchen, then turning the most important wall into a characteristic wall can help define and split your kitchen in the rest of the room.

Lastly, if you’ve got a little kitchen, a unique back-splash behind the sink between the worktop and cabinets will add a pop up of colour without overpowering a small area.

Layout Tips for a Feature Wall

Paint or textures and patterns may be used when designing a new wall.

Paint is possibly the easiest way to inject a little bit of energy in your kitchen. Decide on a colour that matches your worktops and cupboards while contrasting against the walls. A vibrant shade will immediately produce a statement, whereas a mild tone includes a subtler effect.

Tiles are just another fantastic tool to use to make a wall stand out. Look at mixing and matching various layouts to make a full, Moroccan-inspired appearance. As an alternative, you can match bright tiles from a coloured wall to get a retro diner theme or even go full hipster with concrete coatings, let the creativity flow.

Stone is a unique but difficult component to work with but the results can be staggering, from a very rustic to inspiring natural theme make sure you’re equipped with the proper pebble mix, and the rest should be a breeze.

Your new feature wall does not need to rely on employing colour — you can use unique textures to add personality to your kitchen. Consider fitting wooden paneling to boost a country cabin kitchen or even a marble backs-plash for a lavish appearance.

A Word About Colour

As you are covering a relatively compact wall space in contrast to the rest of the area, a characteristic wall provides you with the chance to be daring with your pick of colour or design. But this does not automatically mean that you have to decide on the most vibrant colour available.

Going for a muted colour on your feature wall may nevertheless have a dramatic effect, provided that the tone is somewhat sudden compared to your other fixtures and walls.

By way of instance, aubergine is a vibrant colour that appears classy when compared against putty or ceramic white. In the same way, a summery colour like China blue may brighten up your kitchen with no overpowering, particularly when paired with white or grey cabinets.

Alternative Approaches to Making a Feature Wall

You may alternate a wall without needing to get a paintbrush with a couple of straightforward ideas.

Look at adding open storage and shelving components along one wall, clustering your utensils and crockery with each other to make an artistic, cooking-themed arrangement.

Turn your kitchen into a pub and exhibit art across a characteristic wall — use an assortment of your images or highlight one crucial bit (contemplate adding activity lighting to finish off the impact).

Add a touch of mother nature to a style scheme and put houseplants across shelving components, making a gorgeous appearance and providing you access to new herbs!

Rather than colouring the walls, colour your components: select a uniform colour to utilise around the units and worktops on one wall — it does not need to be the specific same colour, so long as it contrasts against the cabinets and worktops which are on the opposite walls.

A unique wall is the perfect means to inject a little bit of style in your kitchen. Whether you go large with a brilliant colour or utilise loose bits to make a statement, then a characteristic wall may bring an excess bit of style to your property. 

A new feature wall can do so much for your home, whether you are staying or selling. Introducing a new aspect to the home can liven things up.