Best Home Renovations

One of the most difficult tasks you can have on your hands is preparing your home for a sale. It is a delicate act that needs to be balanced well or it could cripple your finances and ambitions. If you spend too much on renovations, you will lose money in the sale. On the other hand, you risk not attracting any buyers if you spend next to nothing on renovations or design upgrades. A little bit of an upgrade is always necessary before a sale. Some upgrades will cost very little, while others will leave a huge dent on your wallet. Here are some of the renovations that offer the best return on investment when you sell.



The kitchen will always have a sentimental value, especially to buyers who have families and spend a lot of time in this space. You can upgrade the kitchen or give it a total makeover as a return on investment is guaranteed. Replace the fixtures and install new cabinet doors. Even updating the appliances such as the oven and dishwasher can make a big difference to potential buyers. Basic plumbing and tiling renovations won’t cost much but can attract great bids from potential buyers. By undertaking kitchen renovations, buyers are more likely to want the house as they won’t have to do any more work.



You can start by fixing broken windows, though it would be great if you installed new windows. When working on the windows, ensure that they can allow in as much natural light as possible. This means that you should also consider the accessories that are used on windows such as curtains. There is an array of curtains and blinds out there to suit your style and functionality. You can easily find modern stylish windows for any budget.



The bathroom is one of the places in a house that is easy to overlook when thinking of renovations. For some, it is just too big of a job and hassle. However, upgrading it with modern and stylish accessories can significantly increase the value of the property. This is a job that is best done by a professional interior designer who can coordinate the bathroom renovations and plan the space. Bringing pops of colour, unique tiles and new fixtures are all a part of the remodel. Even replacing the shower curtains and broken items around the bathroom help to upgrade the space. Remodelling the bathroom has been shown to bring about a 70% return on investment, so it is a very beneficial task. If it’s possible, it’s a good idea to add more bathrooms in the house so that each bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom.


Paint job

Repainting the house is a sure way to give the property a lift and give it an aesthetic look without spending much. It adds to the visual appeal, even if the original paint has not peeled off. You can paint both the inside and the outside of the house. It is advisable to go for neutral colours to appeal to a wider range of buyers, unless you are sure of your buyers’ preferences.


Front entrance

The front entrance is where you’ll get your chance to make the first impression on the buyer. Focus on it. The front adds to the street appeal of the house. Fix the front fence and give the front garden a lift by planting new flowers. You can also repaint the front door or install a new one. You can also add manufactured stone veneers on the front curb to make it more appealing. New garage doors can be bought at a bargain.


The exterior

Focusing on the interior won’t do you much justice in trying to make a sale. Make sure that the surroundings of the house are just as appealing as the inside. Clean out the garbage and fix the backyard. If the grass and the flowers are withered, then plant new ones. Pay for landscaping and yard care services before putting the property up for sale. You can even add a wooden deck or a backyard patio if the budget allows for it. These are entertainment spaces that allow for family bonding time and will, therefore, have sentimental value on potential buyers.


If you maximise on the appeal that the property can have on the buyers, then you are guaranteed to have the best return on the renovations you made on the house.